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  Italy – Place of origin of the European Renaissance, which feels proud for having given birth to the great founder of the Western art, Leonardo Da Vinci; a nation full of art cells inside the frame of its self-confidence. Oil painting, sculpture, leather items, fashion: as for all these sectors, you cannot but sigh and associate them with Italy.
  Zambaiti Corporation – With already more than 50 years of history, Zambaiti is one of the biggest corporations among the manufacturers of domestic textiles and wallpaper in Italy; located between Venice and Milan, it’s situated in the towering, elegant area of Bergamo. It regards it as its mission to create and lead the fashion classics and it preserves its originality and peculiarity in the development of its products.
  The Chinese Company Zambaiti Wallcovering, named “Zambaiti (Baoding) Wallpaper Co., Ltd.”, is the wallpaper manufacturer well-known all over the world. It was built in the Domestic New High-Technology Development Area, using exclusive investment of the Italian Zambaiti Group. Zambaiti Baoding is 1.5 hour far from the capital Beijing by high-speed train. In 1997 it settled down officially in China and in 1999 it officially started to launch its products on the market.
  Up to now, Zambaiti China is the only Western wallcovering manufacturer - either with exclusive or joint partnership- not only in China, but also in the whole Asia-Pacific territory, which has built a wallpaper factory. At the same time, among the other national companies in the same sector, it is the only one that already in 2002 won the “China famous brand” issued by the Chinese Investigation and Research Centre; then, in 2004, the company was awarded the recognition “Chinese one hundred top high-grade enterprises”.
  Zambaiti Baoding has imported to China not only the world’s leading technique and technology in the wallpaper production, but also the fashion spirit and the qualified service that has been belonging to Zambaiti Group for more than half a century. The production process at Zambaiti China is also controlled and directed by Zambaiti Group - an authority on this field from a technical point of view – so that they carry out the Group’s unified standard of managing. As well as all the products of the group, the production process is full of connotation and self-confidence, so it’s not mediocre at all.
  Nearly 70% of the products manufactured by Zambaiti China are sold to each developed area of the planet through the world’s sales network of the group, the rest is enjoyed by the share of the domestic top-quality products market. Zambaiti, having a factory in China, can even more rapidly and closely let wealthy Chinese families and people enjoy their innovative design concepts.
Company intro